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Welcome to Ascend Customs.

Our goal is to bring exciting custom controllers at prices within reach of every gamer.

Build your own controller in our easy to use visual builder* – choose your front/rear shell and button selections, and we’ll build it and ship it to you.

Looking to get a competitive edge? We can also add rear buttons and our popular SnapShot triggers to enhance your gameplay.

Snapshot Triggers convert the standard L2 & R2 into fast firing mouseclicks.

We use Omron switches rated for 5 000 000 activations – the same type you find in high end mice.

With a significant decrease in trigger travel, increase reaction times and always fire first.

Add rear buttons to your controller for increased manoeuvrability.

By keeping your thumbs on the sticks where you need them, you can now jump and aim, slide and shoot, revive and shoot.

We recommend X – Left, O – Right, but feel free to select your choice of rear button selection in our easy to use builder.

Looking for something unique? Contact us for a custom design.

Choose from some of our original designs – or get in touch and we can help design your own.

All our custom controllers are hand-painted using a variety of paints and laquers, finished with a 2k automotive gloss clear coat for a lasting, durable surface.

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